Advanced Imaging and Flow Cytometry Facility

Automated Screening with the Opera Phenix

The Imaging and Cytometry Facility’s remit is to provide state of the art tools for both the fundamental and translational study of cancer (from molecular interactions in primary cells through to tissue-wide responses), to introduce or develop new modalities, and to train scientists to apply these techniques to their research.

Visualisation of the data sets and its subsequent analysis ranges from the nanometre to centimetres of tissue, cytometry allows the sorting and analysis of up to 70,000 events a second, and high content screening permits the data collection and analysis of potential drug candidates in an automated manner.

Founded in 2001 the facility comprises of twenty three systems and eight members of the team who have a wide range of specialties, their roles are to maintain the equipment, calibrate to pre-defined standards, demonstrate and teach techniques, and to work alongside researchers to produce biologically and statistically relevant data.

As translational studies require the meaningful assessment of patient-derived cells and tissues, systems have been introduced to allow automation of high-throughput and high complexity studies. By the use of automation a reduction in statistical variance, from sources such as laboratory practice or equipment use, results. As a consequence of large data sets from a variety of sources, multiple software platforms have been introduced so to provide software for the production of analytical data and statistical testing.

For registered users of the facility please use the PPMS calendar system for booking equipment time and services For any further information about any of the technologies or applications within the facility please email