Biological Mass Spectrometry

Rapid Proteomic Analysis on the Orbitrap Fusion

The CRUK Manchester Institute Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility's remit is to support the protein and peptide mass spectrometry requirements of the CRUK Manchester Institute's research groups.  This support covers a whole spectrum of activites ranging from the provision of routine services, implementation of new technologies onsite through to dedicated collaborations designed to develop novel applications enabling cutting edge cancer research.  One major role of the facility is to enable cancer researchers by developing workflows beneficial to their research projects.  The facility currently boasts three complementary LCMSMS systems which form the backbone of both service and development portfolios.

We offer an array of qualitative and quantitative analyses in the areas of protein identification and post-translational modifications.  These applications are  currently supported on a triple Quadrupole-Linear Ion Trap (4000-QTRAP), Quadrupole Time of Flight (QSTAR XL) and a Linear Ion Trap-Orbitrap (LTQ-Orbitrap XL).