Fellowships in Clinical Pharmacology Research

In order to help train the next generation of clinical pharmacologists with expertise in oncology, the CRUK MI, in collaboration with the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC) and AstraZeneca, established in 2007 a fellowship scheme in clinical pharmacology research. The fellowships are open to applicants who have obtained, or are close to obtaining, their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Medical Oncology. 

Each research fellow undertakes a four year clinical PhD project, which provides training in biomarker discovery, method development/validation, and clinical trial methodology. During their tenure at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust/CRUK MI, the post holders receive support from their clinical supervisor, and laboratory-based training from Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology (CEP) Group Leader Caroline Dive (in collaboration with MCRC colleagues). At AstraZeneca they receive training in clinical trials management, regulatory interaction, translational research through project management, and attend investigator meetings. Clinical training includes one research clinic per week, training in clinical trial design and methodology, ICH-GCP, EU Directives and research governance. Biomarker method development and application take place on both sites in all projects, with mutual benefit as each fellow brings newly acquired knowledge to each site. Regular meetings take place between the fellows, their supervisors, as well as other staff members involved in the project, ensuring effective collaboration and an integrated approach.

For more information on forthcoming positions please contact jobs@cruk.manchester.ac.uk.