Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Graduate Programme

The CRUK Manchester Institute is a leading cancer research institute within the University of Manchester, and is supported by major core funding from Cancer Research UK, the largest independent cancer research organisation in the world.  The CRUK MI is at the heart of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, a partnership that brings together the expertise, vision and resources of its founding partners: The University of Manchester, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Cancer Research UK, all of whom have formidable individual reputations in the fields of cancer treatment and research.  Cancer Research in Manchester is world leading. Cancer is one of The University of Manchester’s research beacons, showcasing pioneering discoveries, interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest questions facing the planet.

CRUK MI comprises over 350 postdoctoral scientists, clinical fellows, scientific officers, administrative and technical staff, postgraduate research students and visiting fellows.  The CRUK Manchester Institute is currenty located at the MCRC Building and Alderley Park; these sites also house research groups that are part of the Division of Cancer Sciences at The University of Manchester.   Groups work on many aspects of cancer research, from programmes investigating the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, to those focused on translational research and the development of novel therapeutic approaches, with considerable synergy and interaction across all groups.

The CRUK Manchester Institute (CRUK MI) offers a range of graduate degrees for students interested in a career involving cancer research.  The Institute considers education of research and clinical scientists to be a major investment in the future generation of cancer researchers, and has an excellent track record of launching careers in basic, translation and clinical research.  As part of this commitment,  we have an active postgraduate programme that provides first class students and clinical research fellows the opportunity to study for cancer-related PhD degrees through a training programme that aims to improve effectiveness in research, provide professional and management skills and enhance career development.  Ninety-nine percent (99%) of our students in the past 8 years have found employment after graduation; half of these are in USA or European laboratories, while 20% continue to progress in their clinical careers in the NHS. Students leave the CRUK MI with excellent career prospects across the world.

Cancer Research UK PhD Studentships

Each year we recruit students to join us on our 4 year PhD programme. Cancer Research UK studentships within the Institute are all four years in duration and open to UK, EU and international students.  All studentships are fully funded by Cancer Research UK (including University tuition fees) and come with a generous stipend.

The Education Committee

  • Chair and Director: Tim Somervaille
  • Ex-Officio Member: Richard Marais
  • Postgraduate Tutor: Angeliki Malliri
  • Postgraduate Manager: Julie Edwards
  • Academic staff members: Georges Lacaud, Wolfgang Breitwieser, Claus Jorgensen, Jonathan Tugwood, Caroline Wilkinson

The Education Committee (EC) acts for postgraduate students based within CRUK core funded research groups, and members comprise CRUK MI senior core group leaders within the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute. The Chairman is elected to serve for three years from the existing members of the Committee and members serve for three years – this term is renewable.

The EC goal is for every student to have a project that is both achievable, and intellectually stimulating and challenging.  Projects are internally and externally peer reviewed via the Education Committee to ensure all proposed plans of research are achievable and intellectually demanding.  Student progression is monitored by the EC which makes sure projects are developing as they should throughout the course of the studentship.  The CRUK MI and The University of Manchester provides student assessment at various stages throughout the PhD programme which includes regular formal talks and written reports.  Such assessments not only monitor progress, but also help to develop performance and presentation skills.