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Hutton C, Heider F, Blanco-Gomez A, Banyard A, Kononov A, Zhang X, Karim S, Paulus-Hock V, Watt D, Steele N, Kemp S, Hogg EKJ, Kelly J, Jackstadt RF, Lopes F, Menotti M, Chisholm L, Lamarca A, Valle J, Sansom OJ, Springer C, Malliri A, Marais R, Pasca di Magliano M, Zelenay S, Morton JP, Jørgensen C. (2021)
Single-cell analysis defines a pancreatic fibroblast lineage that supports anti-tumor immunity.
Cancer Cell 39(9):1227-1244.e20. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34297917)

Simeoni F, Romero-Camarero I, Camera F, Amaral FMR, Sinclair OJ, Papachristou EK, Spencer GJ, Lie-A-Ling M, Lacaud G, Wiseman DH, Carroll JS, Somervaille TCP. (2021)
Enhancer recruitment of transcription repressors RUNX1 and TLE3 by mis-expressed FOXC1 blocks differentiation in acute myeloid leukemia.
Cell Reports 36(12):109725. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34551306)

Fadlullah MZ, Neo WH, Lie-A-Ling M, Thambyrajah R, Patel R, Mevel R, Aksoy I, Do Khoa N, Savatier P, Fontenille L, Baker SM, Rattray M, Kouskoff V, Lacaud G.
Murine AGM single-cell profiling identifies a continuum of hemogenic endothelium differentiation marked by ACE.
Blood [Epub 13 September 2021] PubMed abstract (PMID: 34517413)

Below CR, Kelly J, Brown A, Humphries JD, Hutton C, Xu J, Lee BY, Cintas C, Zhang X, Hernandez-Gordillo V, Stockdale L, Goldsworthy MA, Geraghty J, Foster L, O'Reilly DA, Schedding B, Askari J, Burns J, Hodson N, Smith DL, Lally C, Ashton G, Knight D, Mironov A, Banyard A, Eble JA, Morton JP, Humphries MJ, Griffith LG, Jørgensen C.
A microenvironment-inspired synthetic three-dimensional model for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma organoids.
Nature Materials [Epub 13 September 2021] PubMed abstract (PMID: 34518665)

Valpione S, Mundra PA, Galvani E, Campana LG, Lorigan P, De Rosa F, Gupta A, Weightman J, Mills S, Dhomen N, Marais R. (2021)
The T cell receptor repertoire of tumor infiltrating T cells is predictive and prognostic for cancer survival.
Nature Communications 12(1):4098. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34215730)

La Montagna M, Shi L, Magee P, Sahoo S, Fassan M, Garofalo M. (2021)
AMPKα loss promotes KRAS-mediated lung tumorigenesis.
Cell Death and Differentiation [Epub 26 May] PubMed abstract (PMID: 34040167)

Pelly VS, Moeini A, Roelofsen LM, Bonavita E, Bell CR, Hutton C, Gomez AB, Banyard A, Bromley CP, Flanagan E, Chiang SC, Jørgensen C, Schumacher TN, Thommen DS, Zelenay S. 
Anti-inflammatory drugs remodel the tumor immune environment to enhance immune checkpoint blockade efficacy. Cancer Discovery [Epub 24 May 2021] PubMed abstract (PMID: 34031121)

Budden T, Gaudy-Marqueste C, Craig S, Hu Y, Earnshaw C, Gurung S, Ra A, Akhras V, Shenjere P, Green R, Jamieson L, Lear J, Motta L, Caulin C, Oudit D, Furney SJ, Viros A. (2021)
Female immunity protects from cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.
Clinical Cancer Research 27(11):3215-3223. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33795258)

Hall C, von Grabowiecki Y, Pearce SP, Dive C, Bagley S, Muller PAJ. (2021)
RFP (near-infrared fluorescent protein) imaging of subcutaneous and deep tissue tumours in mice highlights differences between imaging platforms.
Cancer Cell International 21(1):247. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33941186)

Shi L, Magee P, Fassan M, Sahoo S, Leong HS, Lee D, Sellers R, Brullé-Soumaré L, Cairo S, Monteverde T, Volinia S, Smith DD, Di Leva G, Galuppini F, Paliouras AR, Zeng K, O'Keefe R, Garofalo M. (2021)
A KRAS-responsive long non-coding RNA controls microRNA processing.
Nature Communications 12(1):2038. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33795683)

Porter AP, Reed H, White GRM, Ogg EL, Whalley HJ, Malliri A. (2021)
The RAC1 activator Tiam1 regulates centriole duplication through controlling PLK4 levels.
Journal of Cell Science Online ahead of print. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33758078)

Batta K, Bossenbroek HM, Pemmaraju N, Wilks DP, Chasty R, Dennis M, Milne P, Collin M, Beird HC, Taylor J, Patnaik MM, Cargo CA, Somervaille TCP, Wiseman DH. (2021)
Divergent clonal evolution of blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia from a shared TET2-mutated origin.
Leukemia. Online ahead of print. (PMID: 33833384)

Mahmood RD, Shaw D, Descamps T, Zhou C, Morgan RD, Mullamitha S, Saunders M, Mescallado N, Backen A, Morris K, Little RA, Cheung S, Watson Y, O'Connor JPB, Jackson A, Parker GJM, Dive C, Jayson GC. (2021)
Effect of oxaliplatin plus 5-fluorouracil or capecitabine on circulating and imaging biomarkers in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a prospective biomarker study.
BMC Cancer. 21(1):354. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33794823)

Lotz M, Budden T, Furney SJ, Virós A. (2021)
Molecular subtype, biological sex and age shape melanoma tumour evolution.
British Journal of Dermatology 184(2):328-337. PubMed abstract (PMID: 32282938)

Saturno G, Lopes F, Niculescu-Duvaz I, Niculescu-Duvaz D, Zambon A, Davies L, Johnson L, Preece N, Lee R, Viros A, Holovanchuk D, Pedersen M, McLeary R, Lorigan P, Dhomen N, Fisher C, Banerji U, Dean E, Krebs MG, Gore M, Larkin J, Marais R, Springer C. (2021)
The paradox-breaking panRAF plus SRC family kinase inhibitor, CCT3833, is effective in mutant KRAS-driven cancers.
Annals of Oncology 32(2):269-278. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33130216)

Trucco LD, Mundra PA, García-Martínez P, Hogan K, Baenke F, Dhomen N, Pavet V, Marais R. (2021)
Map3k1 loss cooperates with BrafV600E to drive melanomagenesis.
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 141(1):221-225.e6. (PMID: 32450073

Mundra PA, Dhomen N, Rodrigues M, Mikkelsen LH, Cassoux N, Brooks K, Valpione S, Reis-Filho JS, Heegaard S, Stern MH, Roman-Roman S, Marais R. (2021)
Ultraviolet radiation drives mutations in a subset of mucosal melanomas.
Nature Communications 12(1):259. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33431815)

Monteverde T, Sahoo S, La Montagna M, Magee P, Shi L, Lee D, Sellers R, Baker AR, Leong HS, Fassan M, Garofalo M. (2021)
CKAP2L promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression through regulation of transcription elongation.
Cancer Research. Online ahead of print. PubMed abstract (PMID: 33472893)