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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Institute

The Institute has created an action plan to reflect its commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at the Institute and in our local community. This action plan will be in place until the new Director is appointed at which point the plan will be reviewed.

What is the Institute’s current vision for EDI?

To create a diverse and inclusive culture which develops, attracts, and maintains a positive environment for staff and students whilst achieving the Institute’s aim to deliver world class cancer research at the Institute.

What are our aims moving forward?

  • EDI Awareness and Training Provisions - To ensure that the profile of EDI is promoted within the Institute and beyond, and that staff and students understand their responsibilities regarding EDI.
  • Recruitment Practices and Opportunities - To ensure that the Institute recruitment practices adhere to and promote EDI.
  • Career Support and Development - To enable all staff (research and support) to reach their full potential within the Institute regardless of their protected characteristics.
  • Local Engagement - To ensure that the Institute engages with local schools to promote opportunities within STEM.
  • Data Collection – Transparency, Evidence, and Improvement - To analyse data to develop an evidence-based approach to drive change/improvements.