GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Team


The overall remit of the GCP team within CEP is to perform biomarker analysis to GCP standards on samples obtained from clinical trials. Within this remit there are several areas of activity:

Management of a substantial portfolio of clinical trials and experimental medicine projects. The portfolio typically consists of approximately 50 active projects at any one time, with further projects being instigated at the rate of approximately 10 per year. It is important to ensure careful planning, execution and delivery on schedule of all projects.

Establishment and maintenance of collaborations with external organisations. To ensure that the team have access to the best equipment and techniques, it is important to collaborate with key service providers that are developing these. It is equally important to work with major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to ensure access to samples from trials involving a broad range of new therapeutics in development.

In house method and process development. As well as having the best technology, the team allocates significant resource to the development and implementation of new methods and processes for biomarker analysis and information management. This is done with the aim of all the GCP Team’s assays and procedures working to Good Clinical Practice standards.

Interact effectively with other teams within CEP, CRUK MI and The Christie. Local interactions are crucial to the success of the team, to benefit from the significant technical expertise available and co-ordinating with expert clinicians and other hospital staff.

Team Lead

  • Jonathan Tugwood


  • Fouziah Butt
  • Mathew Carter
  • John Castle
  • Lynsey Franklin
  • Grace Hampson
  • Rebekah Higgins
  • Sarah Hilton
  • Nadia Iqbal
  • Matthew Lancashire
  • Simrah Mohammad
  • Karen Morris
  • Joanne Norris
  • Jackie Pierce
  • Andrew Stevens
  • Sarah Taylor
  • Louise Walkin
  • Lisa Waters