Drug Discovery Unit

Structural biology and docking. Crystal structure of 3 bound to the catalytic domain of human PARG (PDB entry 5LHB) The Drug Discovery Unit builds upon fundamental biology discoveries made within the CRUK Manchester Institute, the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, The University of Manchester and the wider cancer research community.  Integrating medicinal, computational and synthetic chemistry with in vitro and cellular biology, the centre investigates novel drug discovery targets in an attempt to provide new chemical entities for the treatment of unmet clinical needs in cancer patients.

Symmetrical dimer of (R132H) IDH1 in an “open” conformation,5 with compound 9 (green carbons) and the NADP cofactor (blue carbons) bound in both subunits (PDB accession code 5L58) Initiated in early 2009, the principal aim of the Drug Discovery Unit is to deliver novel treatments into the clinical setting as efficiently as possible. We intend to bridge the translational gap between the fundamental biological research conducted both within the Institute and the wider University community, and the opportunities for clinical application afforded by our proximity to The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. Established as part of the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, the unit has established facilities to enable state-of-the-art biological and clinical target assessment and validation, small molecule drug design and synthesis and the biological evaluation of the resultant compounds.

The Drug Discovery Unit is now actively progressing a portfolio of small molecule projects against a variety of oncology targets.