Welcome to the Scientific Computing Team

The Scientific Computing team (SciCom) supports translational cancer research, and has the specific purpose of providing a state-of-the-art High Performance Computing (HPC) service and data management service.

Currently we focus on establishing a Cancer Genome Data Centre (CGDC), the most advanced High Performance Bio-Computing facility, to support the processing and interpretation of high throughput genomics data.

HPC has become a pre-requisite for the proper exploitation of cancer genomics data, in part, a consequence of the high volumes of data produced by recent advances in deep sequencing, imaging, and tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS). These have the potential to revolutionise translational cancer research and to offer new therapeutic strategies for personalised and stratified medicine.

The SciCom team will supply and manage HPC systems, large-scale high performance storage systems, database and web servers, and high-speed networking to and from deep sequencing, microscopy and proteomics platforms. The CGDC facility will serve all the research groups within the Institute, and will provide routine access to data analysis pipelines, a wide portfolio of existing bio-computing tools and databases, and access to an HPC computing platform optimised for the unique demands of genomics data.