Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute Research Groups

Cell Division
Cell Regulation
Cell Signalling
Drug Discovery
Leukaemia Biology
Molecular Oncology
Prostate Oncobiology
RNA Biology / Computational Biology
Signalling Networks in Cancer
Stem Cell Biology
Stem Cell Haematopoiesis
Systems Oncology
Transcriptional Networks in Lung Cancer

University of Manchester Institute of Cancer Sciences Research Groups based in The Paterson Building

In addition to the CRUK-funded research groups of the Manchester Institute, the Paterson building also houses several University of Manchester research groups associated with the Institute of Cancer Sciences. Sharing the building facilitates close collaborations and the integration of multidisciplinary groups across the site accelerates comprehensive cancer research.

Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Cell Biology
Childrens Cancer
Colorectal Cancer And Obesity
Genito-urinary cancer
Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology and Pharmacology
Molecular Pathology
Radiation Biology
Targeted Therapy
Translational Medicine