Cell Sorting

The facility has a range of cell sorters that are capable of physically separating cells based of their phenotype, activation state or function. Cells that have been sorted are aseptic and viable and can be place back into long term culture. Pure cell population can be sorted from cells that have been tagged by a variety of markers. By employing techniques such as CRISPR to ‘knock in’ or ‘knock out’ specific genes we can sort cells that either do or do not express a specific gene allowing researchers to investigate sub-cellular, biological mechanisms. Individual cells can be sorted for downstream genomic analysis platforms such as the 10X and we work very closely with the Molecular Biology Facility to provide a seamless interface between the two facilities. All the facility’s sorters are enclosed in bio-safety cabinets.

Equipment List

  • Becton Dickinson SORP Aria III, 6 lasers and 23 fluorescent parameters available
  • Becton Dickinson Aria II, 3 lasers and 11 fluorescent parameters available
  • Becton Dickinson Influx, 4/5 lasers and 13 fluorescent parameters available