Institute Director to receive prestigious Léopold Griffuel Award

20 March 2017
We are proud to announce that Institute Director, Professor Richard Marais, will receive one of the most prestigious European awards for cancer research: the Léopold Griffuel Award in Translational and Clinical Research.

Since 1970, the ARC Foundation has been honouring scientists and physicians who have made major contributions in the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancers.

Professor Marais has been recognised for a series of seminal contributions to basic cancer genetics he made in the last two decades and their subsequent application to drug development and prevention in the field of melanoma. Notably, his work has led to the identification of BRAF mutations in melanoma, validating BRAF as a therapeutic target. Further characterisations of BRAF biology allowed a better understanding of mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies in melanoma patients. Recently, Richard’s research has also contributed to public health information regarding the use of sunscreen and the need to combine it with other sun avoidance strategies to reduce melanoma risk.