Institute Group Leader to receive €2million ERC funding

28 November 2017

The ERC has today announced that 329 top researchers from across Europe have been awarded the Consolidator Grant and Institute Group Leader Claus Jørgensen  is one of those select recipients.

These prestigious grants allow the best researchers to ask the most daring and groundbreaking questions in science. Claus, who is considered a leader in the field of tumour-stroma signalling - delineating the reciprocal signalling between cancer cells and the microenvironment - will use the €2million to ask a highly relevant question in tumour biology and specifically in pancreatic cancer biology. He aims to understand the co-evolution between tumours and the stroma and how these two compartments interact and modulate each other's phenotypes. He hopes this research will lead to better understanding of how the tumour microenvironment promotes progression and resistance to therapy.  

ERC Consolidator Grants are awarded to outstanding mid-career researchers of any nationality and age with a scientific track record showing great promise. This year 13% of applicants were successful. So securing this award represents a significant achievement for Claus and gives him the opportunity to further develop his programme of research and make a real impact on pancreatic cancer therapy.