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Depicts the evolution of a tSNE plot, showing the point at which the
plot stabilises after a set number of iterations

The aim of the Flow Cytometry Facility is to provide the latest instrumentation, software, training and application support for both investigative and translational cancer research. At the single cell level flow and mass cytometry reveal the cell signatures of individual cells, making it a very powerful tool for analysis and discovery. As a team we are driven by the aspirations of our group leader and researchers’ aspiration to uncover the fundamentals aspects of cellular function and aberrant cell behaviour.

Founded in the early 1980’s the facility was one of the first, in the UK, to recognise the significant benefits that this technology could bring to cancer research. The facility now comprises of 11 cytometers and a small dedicated team of technicians and scientists. The team maintains all of the facility’s instrumentation, provides an operator based cell sorting service and offers training in all aspects of flow/mass cytometry. Researchers can call on the team’s years of experience and specialist knowledge to provide bespoke application support and advice on experimental design.