Visualisation, Irradiation and Analysis


This facility’s remit is to provide state of the art tools for both the fundamental and translational study of cancer - from molecular interactions in primary cells through to tissue-wide responses - and, taking our lead from the requirements of the group leaders and their research.

The facility is in a constant state of change as the team responds by introducing new equipment, methods, and workflows. The team works alongside other facilities at the Institute, with interdisciplinary projects such as histology image analysis, high content screening, and pre-clinical imaging.

Founded in 2001 the facility comprises of 15 systems and four members of a team who have a wide range of specialties; their roles include maintaining and calibrating the equipment to defined standards, training, technical support, experimental design, and to work alongside researchers to assist in the production of biologically and statistically relevant data.


The facility offers a wide range of equipment to assist in visualising the macro to the nano, covering tissues to down to single molecule, in a standardised and validated manner. The facility in addition to providing training and support also works between the CRUK MI facilities to deliver novel workflows. Equipment broadly comes under the following areas:

  • High Content Screening
  • Histological imaging and analysis
  • Confocal & super resolution microscopy
  • Irradiation

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For any question regarding access, instruments or applications please contact Steve Bagley