Relocation of SciCom and IT Hardware Completed

SciCom and IT hardware move completed

We are really excited to move to the new Paterson building in Manchester.  Ahead of our research teams, who will begin moving in next week, our core facilities and other services are being setup.

In this first news update on the relocation,we want to highlight the the incredible efforts of our IT & Scientific Computing (SciCom) Team, who successfully moved all our hardware from the Alderley Park data centre to our new Paterson data centre within a single day.  As you can see from the picture below, this involved an incredible amount of coordination to transport and install a huge amount of computer hardware and cabling.

Since then, the team have been working hard alongside our systems integrator, OCF, to get everything up and running.  They are making excellent progress in preparing these high-performance computing systems for use by our researchers.  This computing infrastructure (as seen in the image of one cabinet below) is essential for processing the huge amounts of data extracted from lab and patient samples, including DNA sequencing of tumour samples, high-content imaging and mass spectrometry experiments.  

46 servers, 25 storage enclosures, 19 switches, one large tape library and hundreds of cables and tapes were moved to the new data centre to rebuild the systems.

Marek Dynowski, Head of Scientific Computing, said "We're feeling confident that we'll have our 3PB* storage systems, oVirt high-performance virtualisation platform and applications servers up and running according to plan."  

A huge thank you to the hardworking team (pictured above, from left to right: Anoop Sanalkumar, ZhiCheng Wang, Stephen Kitcatt, John Campion, Kevin Doyle, Matt Young, Steve Royle and Marek Dynowski).

 *3PB stands for 3 petabytes, similar to 750,000 DVDs worth of data!

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