Our Research

Research at the CRUK Manchester Institute spans the whole spectrum of cancer research, from programmes investigating the molecular and cellular basis of cancer, to those focused on translational research and the development of novel therapeutic approaches.  The Institute works in close collaboration with The Christie and is a partner in the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

Our aim is to gain a greater understanding of the fundamental basis of how cancer develops and apply that knowledge to develop new diagnostic tests, potential treatments and better ways to predict the outcomes.

We have first class translational research facilities to support current activities and develop into new areas such as molecular pathology. One of the laboratories meets Good Clinical Laboratory Practice standards, and this improves our ability to assess clinical samples from early phase trial patients under the strict regulations which are now required.

Our links with industry are also being strengthened, especially in the translational and clinical research areas. For instance, an alliance with AstraZeneca has resulted in joint initiatives in biomarker research and training opportunities. Being on site at Alderley Park has also facilitated new relationships with local bioscience companies.


CRUK Manchester Institute Research Groups


Caroline Dive
Cancer Biomarker Centre
Deputy Director
Iain Hagan
Cell Division


Esther Baena
Prostate Oncobiology
Claus Jørgensen
Systems Oncology
Angeliki Malliri
Cell Signalling
Tim Somervaille
Leukaemia Biology
Santiago Zelenay
Cancer Inflammation and Immunity
Rob Bristow
Translational Oncogenomics
Georges Lacaud
Stem Cell Biology
Richard Marais
Molecular Oncology
Caroline Springer
Drug Discovery

Institute Fellows

Patricia Muller
Tumour Suppressors
Amaya Viros
Skin Cancer and Ageing
Maximiliano Portal
Cell Plasticity & Epigenetics

Team Leads

Cancer Biomarker Centre

Kris Frese
Preclinical Pharmacology
Alastair Kerr
Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
Elaine Kilgour
Cells and Proteins
Dónal Landers
digital Experimental Cancer Medicines Team (dECMT)
Carlos Lopez-Garcia
Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence Fellow
Dominic Rothwell
Nucleic Acids Biomarkers
Kathryn Simpson
Preclinical Pharmacology

Drug Discovery Unit

Dan Niculescu-Duvaz
Medicinal Chemistry
Graeme Thomson