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Conway AM, Morris GC, Smith S, Vekeria M, Manoharan P, Mitchell C, Backen A, Oliveira P, Hubner RA, Lamarca A, McNamara MG, Valle JW, Cook N.
Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma hidden within cancer of unknown primary.
British Journal of Cancer [Epub 28 April 2022] PubMed abstract (PMID: 35484217)

Bell CR, Pelly VS, Moeini A, Chiang SC, Flanagan E, Bromley CP, Clark C, Earnshaw CH, Koufaki MA, Bonavita E, Zelenay S. (2022)
Chemotherapy-induced COX-2 upregulation by cancer cells defines their inflammatory properties and limits the efficacy of chemoimmunotherapy combinations.
Nature Communications 13(1):2063. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35440553)

Humphries JD, Zha J, Burns J, Askari JA, Below CR, Chastney MR, Jones MC, Mironov A, Knight D, O'Reilly DA, Dunne MJ, Garrod DR, Jorgensen C, Humphries MJ.
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cells employ integrin α6β4 to form hemidesmosomes and regulate cell proliferation.
Matrix Biology [Epub 8 April 2022] PubMed abstract (PMID: 35405272)

Mead AJ, Butt NM, Nagi W, Whiteway A, Kirkpatrick S, Rinaldi C, Roughley C, Ackroyd S, Ewing J, Neelakantan P, Garg M, Tucker D, Murphy J, Patel H, Bains R, Chiu G, Hickey J, Harrison C, Somervaille TCP. (2022)
A retrospective real-world study of the current treatment pathways for myelofibrosis in the United Kingdom: the REALISM UK study.
Therapeutic Advances in Hematology 13:20406207221084487. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35371428)

Nalio Ramos R, Missolo-Koussou Y, Gerber-Ferder Y, Bromley CP, Bugatti M, Núñez NG, Tosello Boari J, Richer W, Menger L, Denizeau J, Sedlik C, Caudana P, Kotsias F, Niborski LL, Viel S, Bohec M, Lameiras S, Baulande S, Lesage L, Nicolas A, Meseure D, Vincent-Salomon A, Reyal F, Dutertre CA, Ginhoux F, Vimeux L, Donnadieu E, Buttard B, Galon J, Zelenay S, Vermi W, Guermonprez P, Piaggio E, Helft J. (2022)
Tissue-resident FOLR2+ macrophages associate with CD8+ T cell infiltration in human breast cancer.
Cell 185(7):1189-1207.e25. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35325594)

Crosby D, Bhatia S, Brindle KM, Coussens LM, Dive C, Emberton M, Esener S, Fitzgerald RC, Gambhir SS, Kuhn P, Rebbeck TR, Balasubramanian S. (2022)
Early detection of cancer.
Science 375(6586):eaay9040. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35298272) 

Burke H, Freeman A, O'Regan P, Wysocki O, Freitas A, Dushianthan A, Celinski M, Batchelor J, Phan H, Borca F, Sheard N, Williams S, Watson A, Fitzpatrick P, Landers D, Wilkinson T; REACT COVID group. (2022)
Biomarker identification using dynamic time warping analysis: a longitudinal cohort study of patients with COVID-19 in a UK tertiary hospital.
BMJ Open 12(2):e050331. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35168965)

Stok JE, Oosenbrug T, Ter Haar LR, Gravekamp D, Bromley CP, Zelenay S, Reis E Sousa C, van der Veen AG. (2022)
RNA sensing via the RIG-I-like receptor LGP2 is essential for the induction of a type I IFN response in ADAR1 deficiency.
EMBO J. 41(6):e109760. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35156720)

Banka S, Bennington A, Baker MJ, Rijckmans E, Clemente GD, Ansor NM, Sito H, Prasad P, Anyane-Yeboa K, Badalato L, Dimitrov B, Fitzpatrick D, Hurst ACE, Jansen AC, Kelly MA, Krantz I, Rieubland C, Ross M, Rudy NL, Sanz J, Stouffs K, Xu ZL, Malliri A, Kazanietz MG, Millard TH.
Activating RAC1 variants in the switch II region cause a developmental syndrome and alter neuronal morphology.
Brain [Epub 9 February 2022] PubMed abstract (PMID: 35139179)

Tivey A, Britton F, Scott JA, Rothwell D, Lorigan P, Lee R. (2022)
Circulating Tumour DNA in Melanoma-Clinic Ready?
Current Oncology Reports 24(3):363-373. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35133615) 

Frizziero M, Kilgour E, Simpson KL, Rothwell DG, Moore DA, Frese KK, Galvin M, Lamarca A, Hubner RA, Valle JW, McNamara MG, Dive C.
Expanding therapeutic opportunities for Extra-Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Carcinoma.
Clinical Cancer Research [Epub 28 January 2022] PubMed abstract (PMID: 35091446)

Cannistraci A, Hascoet P, Ali A, Mundra P, Clarke NW, Pavet V, Marais R. (2022)
MiR-378a inhibits glucose metabolism by suppressing GLUT1 in prostate cancer.
Oncogene 41(10):1445-1455. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35039635)

Salih Z, Banyard A, Tweedy J, Galvani E, Middlehurst P, Mills S, Weightman J, Gupta A, Lorigan PC, Zhou C, Dhomen N, Valpione S, Marais R. (2022)
T cell immune awakening in response to immunotherapy is age-dependent.
European Journal of Cancer 162:11-21. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34952479)  

Nicosia L, Boffo FL, Ceccacci E, Conforti F, Pallavicini I, Bedin F, Ravasio R, Massignani E, Somervaille TCP, Minucci S, Bonaldi T. (2022)
Pharmacological inhibition of LSD1 triggers myeloid differentiation by targeting GSE1 oncogenic functions in AML.
Oncogene 41(6):878-894. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34862459)

Ali A, Du Feu A, Oliveira P, Choudhury A, Bristow RG, Baena E. (2022)
Prostate zones and cancer: lost in transition?
Nature Reviews Urology 19(2):101-115. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34667303)

Lee BY, Hogg EKJ, Below CR, Kononov A, Blanco-Gomez A, Heider F, Xu J, Hutton C, Zhang X, Scheidt T, Beattie K, Lamarca A, McNamara M, Valle JW, Jørgensen C. (2021)
Heterocellular OSM-OSMR signalling reprograms fibroblasts to promote pancreatic cancer growth and metastasis.
Nature Communications 12(1):7336. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34921158)

Neo WH, Meng Y, Rodriguez-Meira A, Fadlullah MZH, Booth CAG, Azzoni E, Thongjuea S, de Bruijn MFTR, Jacobsen SEW, Mead AJ, Lacaud G. (2021)
Ezh2 is essential for the generation of functional yolk sac derived erythro-myeloid progenitors.
Nature Communications 12(1):7019. PubMed abstract (PMID: 34857757)