Latest Publications


Oing C, Bristow RG. (2023)
Systemic treatment of metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer-upfront triplet versus doublet combination therapy.
ESMO Open 8(2):101194. Link to article (PMID: 36947986)

Roberts M, Ogden J, Hossain ASM, Chaturvedi A, Kerr ARW, Dive C, Beane JE, Lopez-Garcia C. (2023)
Interrogating the precancerous evolution of pathway dysfunction in lung squamous cell carcinoma using XTABLE.
Elife 12:e77507. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36892933)

Shlyakhtina Y, Bloechl B, Portal MM. (2023)
BdLT-Seq as a barcode decay-based method to unravel lineage-linked transcriptome plasticity.
Nature Communications 14(1):1085. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36841849)

O'Regan P, Hoskins R, Grave C, Stevenson JA, Frost H, Graham DM, Krebs MG, Freitas A, Landers D.(2023)
Digital ECMT Cancer Trial Matching Tool: an Open Source Research Application to Support Oncologists in the Identification of Precision Medicine Clinical Trials.
JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics 7:e2200137. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36657092)

Wang YH, Yao CY, Lin CC, Gurashi K, Amaral FMR, Bossenbroek H, Jerez A, Somervaille TCP, Binder M, Patnaik MM, Hou HA, Chou WC, Batta K, Wiseman DH, Tien HF.
A three-gene leukaemic stem cell signature score is robustly prognostic in chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia.
British Journal of Haematology [Epub 6 February 2023] PubMed abstract (PMID: 36746431)

Selkirk E, Patel R, Hoyle A, Lie-A-Ling M, Smith D, Swift J, Lacaud G. (2022)
SGOL1-AS1 enhances cell survival in acute myeloid leukemia by maintaining pro-inflammatory signaling.
Heliyon 8(11):e11362. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36387443)

Valpione S, Campana LG, Weightman J, Salih Z, Galvani E, Mundra PA, De Rosa F, Gupta A, Serra-Bellver P, Lorigan P, Germetaki T, Dynowski M, Kitcatt S, Sahoo S, Lee D, Dhomen N, Lord G, Marais R. (2022)
Tumour infiltrating B cells discriminate checkpoint blockade-induced responses.
European Journal of Cancer 177:164-174. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36347135)

Maiques-Diaz A, Nicosia L, Basma NJ, Romero-Camarero I, Camera F, Spencer GJ, Amaral FMR, Simeoni F, Wingelhofer B, Williamson AJK, Pierce A, Whetton AD, Somervaille TCP. (2022)
HMG20B stabilizes association of LSD1 with GFI1 on chromatin to confer transcription repression and leukemia cell differentiation block.
Oncogene 41(44):4841-4854. PubMed abstract (PMID: 36171271)

Chemi F, Pearce SP, Clipson A, Hill SM, Conway AM, Richardson SA, Kamieniecka K, Caeser R, White DJ, Mohan S, Foy V, Simpson KL, Galvin M, Frese KK, Priest L, Egger J, Kerr A, Massion PP, Poirier JT, Brady G, Blackhall F, Rothwell DG, Rudin CM, Dive C. (2022)
cfDNA methylome profiling for detection and subtyping of small cell lung cancers.
Nature Cancer 3(10):1260-1270. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35941262)

Frost H, Graham DM, Carter L, O'Regan P, Landers D, Freitas A. (2022)
Patient attrition in Molecular Tumour Boards: a systematic review.
British Journal of Cancer 127(8):1557-1564. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35941175)

Bell CR, Pelly VS, Moeini A, Chiang SC, Flanagan E, Bromley CP, Clark C, Earnshaw CH, Koufaki MA, Bonavita E, Zelenay S. (2022)
Chemotherapy-induced COX-2 upregulation by cancer cells defines their inflammatory properties and limits the efficacy of chemoimmunotherapy combinations.
Nature Communications 13(1):2063. PubMed abstract (PMID: 35440553)